In a Nutshell Book Reviews…….Kid Lit with an Artistic Bent!

kids, art, failure, success, perfectionI love this book!  The central character, Fred, is assigned an art project of his choosing, to share with the class in a week.  What he wants to do looks great in his head, but he lacks the ability to transfer his idea to paper.  As the sharing time draws near, he feels nervous and sad, and his classmates have doubted him.  At the last possible moment, with a little grace from his teacher, Fred is able to pull through.  His project isn’t at all what he thought it would be, but still earns high praise from his classmates.  It is certainly provides lessons in believing in yourself, not discouraging others, and learning that things don’t always work out the way they look in our heads, but they can still be great anyhow.  As an artist, I’ve found that the things I don’t intend to do, often end up being wonderful surprises and can lead to techniques that hadn’t occurred to me before.  The illustrations in this book are simple and appealing.

Note:  I have several more artsy books to add to this, but this browser uploader and all options for the book covers aren’t working right now, so I shall have to return for the rest.  Sometimes, I detest technology, and this is one of those times!