About the Author

I wish I had Benjamin’s parents!

I suppose I created Mama and Papa Blackbear with the wishful thinking of an abused child—wanting parents who loved me enough to even struggle with the hitting issue, rather than just striking out at me in anger whenever I was naughty, and often just because I was there and they were angry.

I think I inhaled when I should have exhaled, and that was cause for any of the beatings my natural childish naughtiness didn’t instigate. There was always the sense that Benjamin’s parents cherished him and the twins. I never felt cherished, not in any sense. So, I guess, rather subconsciously, I created Benjamin’s parents to be the parents I dreamed of—not perfect but struggling to do better; loving, affectionate, merciful, and ultimately victorious in their commitment to avoid physical discipline.

I am Adriana Blake, author of Benjamin Bear’s Naughtiest Night Ever! I have a BS in Social Science from Portland State University (psychology and sociology major), and studied three years in a counseling program at the master’s level at George Fox University. My writing incorporates the psychological and emotional learning I gleaned from my extensive academic experiences. I am also a very maternal person and love children, so it was easy to leap from my love of books and children to wanting to write for them.

I am currently recovering from a 17-year-long illness that confined me to a wheelchair.  Now, I am walking, riding a bike, and swimming!


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