The Value of Fuzzy Pets

Teaching responsibility for another is a known value of pets.

Teaching responsibility for another is a known value of pets.

We all know that pets teach children a sense of responsibility for another being.  Pets need food, water, exercise, play, and most of all, love.  In that way, they are not so different from kids.  While most pets permit children to take on the responsibility for their care, fuzzy pets (like dogs, cats, and horses) give even more.  You can’t really cuddle up with a goldfish or hug a snake!

Fuzzy pets offer children huge benefits.  They foster nurturing and kindness through caregiving responsibilities and petting, and connectedness by being involved in various family activities.  They can lend a listening ear, when your child wants or needs to talk, and give affection through licking, romping, and playing.

Too cute for words!

Too cute for words!

The fuzzy pets also receive so many benefits from “their children.”  Kids have the energy and often the time to devote to their animals, when parents are spent or too busy to pay the pet much attention.  Children are naturally attracted to animals from late infancy on, and are mesmerized by them.  Dogs and cats are funny to watch, and promote laughter with their antics, and invite kids to be silly too.  This is particularly important in today’s world, where hardships and tragedies are unfortunately common.

Having a vigorous game of chase with a mutt outside, also, is great exercise for the dog and the kids!  Horses can be hugged around their necks and nuzzled by kids too.  Horses also provide lots of fun and exercise, as well as the possibility of entering competitions and learning the discipline and training methods to prepare for those. Dogs and cats can do the same, if one is inclined toward entering them into dog or cat shows.

My furry baby, Heather  This is my fuzzy friend, Heather.  She is going to be 10 years old on February 1st.  She is a light in our lives, and entertains us every day.  I love her to pieces!   Heather is a rescue dog.  I’ve had her for over three years.  She’s had a lot of abuse in her life, bonding her to me permanently, but now her life is quite cushy with us.  Heather loves having her tummy rubbed, and studies show, petting her reduces blood pressure in us!  It is a win-win situation.  Plus, pet owners tend to live longer!

Fuzzy pets are as important to our lives, as we are to them.  Think of where they’d be without us!  They’d be roaming the streets, probably emaciated, possibly being public nuisances, and worst of all, they’d be living without love!  What do you have to offer a fuzzy being?  The benefits far outweigh the risks and the work.





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