Benjamin Bear’s Naughtiest Night Ever

We’ve all seen the faces of our offspring while we explain the importance of good behavior and the golden rule. After their little eyes glaze over, your words slip into their ear canals on a banner repeating “yada, yada, yada.”

Benjamin Bear's Naughtiest Night Ever by Adriana Blake on spanking, mercy, parentingWhat if reading your kids an entertaining and lively story could assist you in conveying these lessons without any dazed expressions? It’s not your presentation! You’d just about have to stand on your head and blow bubbles out of your nostrils while teaching them, to halt the “yada, yada, yada” procession into their ears.

Kids need specific contexts for these important messages, such as within stories or situations, rather than hearing generalities. Young children think in fairly literal ways but moral lessons tend to be vague and abstract, like “be nice,” or “treat others well.” Teaching in these abstract terms to the younger set is akin to coaching visual learners in a strictly auditory manner.

Benjamin’s tale also has a wonderful emotional component. In the midst of big trouble, Benjamin still experiences the unconditional love of his parents. Although he doesn’t know the word for it, Benjamin learns the meaning of mercy when his parents decide he’s been punished enough.


One thought on “Benjamin Bear’s Naughtiest Night Ever

  1. Thanks so much for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop, Adriana! I love the book. As soon as Max gets old enough to sit still for it (or at least listen while he plays) I’ll read it to him.

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